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pearl white slimming capsule

pearl white slimming capsule
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Model: 400mg*30 tablets
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pearl white slimming capsule

This product is a Pearl, green tea, Lotus leaves, cassia, Hawthorn,, made from rhubarb as the main raw material of health food Product. Function tested. This product is with the regulation of blood lipid, speckle whitening, weight loss and health care function.

[Features] 1. removing spot, acne, whitening skin. 2. the antioxidant, preventing cell aging, anti-aging, beauty Skin care. 3. for obesity reduction of the waist, belly, arm, thigh fat. 4. no diet, no rebound, no diarrhea and weight loss More abundant after, shiny skin.

pearl white slimming capsule

[The main ingredient] Pearl, green tea, Lotus leaves, cassia, Hawthorn, and rhubarb.

[Efficiency component of content] per 100g: flavonoids ≥ 100mg.

[Suitable crowd] 1. acne, acne Chloasma, pigmentation, dark yellow, rough skin. 2. in simple obesity and robust Solid fat and repeatedly losing weight is not valid. 3. remain slim.

[Not the crowd] of children, pregnant women, patients with hypertension and heart disease.

[Eat direction] 1 times a day, 1 capsule (recommendations take half an hour before breakfast)

[Specifications] 400mg*30 tablets.

[Note] this product cannot replace drugs. Taking the time to eat more fruits and vegetables.

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