Germany Silver Sword Male Sexual Supplement



Germany Silver Sword Male Sexual Supplement may help adult males activate the growth factor of PDA and also renew sperm, thus deliver multiple ejaculation and also numerous climaxes. It can make man reproductive organs boost 0.5 cm to 3 cm ifn 5 to 6 months through long-term regular utilize concurrently. If you are looking for the excellent as well as efficient male lovemaking enlargement merchandise, the Germany Silver Sword can be your best choice!

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Effect of Germany Silver Sword:
·Improves erotic vitality and possesses a powerful effect to your libido.
·Will Increase men performance.
·A 100% organic normal tonic, simply no side-effect.
·Popular herbal man enhancer and also have safe, robust & longer lasting impact on each quality and also power of erection strength.
·Helps adult men being affected by erection problems and keep climax.

1. Short and small penis, soft erection, unhealthy growth of male reproductive organ, weak kidney.
2. Shrinking of middle-aged and old man who suffer from premature ejaculation, sexual disorder.

180mg*8 caps + 8 pills/pack

[Usage & Dosage]:
It is encouraged to consider 1 capsule and 1 tablet 45 minutes prior to going to sleep. Don’t take more than one capsule and 1 pill every 24 hours.

Not suitable for pregnant women, infants and people with hypertension and heart disease.
No effect in preventing and treating disease. Keep away from children and sunlight.
Not applicable for people younger than 18 or older than 60.
Not for women who are pregnant or breast-feeding.
Not for people who are suffering Heart disease, kidney disease.

[Storage]: Please store in cool and dry place

[Shelf Time]: 24 months


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