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Giant A8 male sexual supplement is ready to healthy food, especially made from aweto Tibet, yak penis, saffron, etc. It has been proved has great effect on getting rid of physical fatigue and improve body immunity, and even help improve your sex life. Giant A8 is the highly quality sexual product for adults in the world! It is a product of health and intend to increase the duration of the male reproductive system. This can help men to achieve the ideal state within 15 minutes. And prolong the sexual activity as long as you want!


1. improve kidney function;
2. treat impotence, premature ejaculation;
3. make the penis strong and tough;
4. improve male energy and birility.

Usage and dosage: take 1 capsule orally 30 minutes before sexual activity. Please do not excess take these pills!

Specification: 333.3 mg * 6 capsules / tin.

Validity: 3 years.

Notes: This is a 100% herbal sexual stimulant, which produce no dry heat, no headaches, no drugs, no side effects.


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