JIE-BAO long time lasitng capsule

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JIE-BAO long time lasitng capsule is made of real and natural materials. This product will certainly stimulate the erotic glands of men to generate ejaculation, encourage the actual secondary development of penis, and then leave you feeling strong, dynamic along with enthusiastic, as well as strength without having any side effects such as, dependence, reddish face, feeling sick as well as headache. JIE-BAO do not affect by hypertension, heart diseases or perhaps alcohol, and possesses a good therapy impact on men’s prostate conditions.


1) Make your penis bigger and also more durable

2) Boost as well as harden your erection

3) Achieve hard erection at any time you want

4) Safely and also permanently improve your penis size

5) Impress and also rouse your spouse

Usage and dosage: Get one particular capsule by mouth 15-30 minutes prior to sex.

Specification: 5800mg*10capsules.

Apply for:

aphrodisiac, healthy for males, improve your function of kidney, enhance lovemaking operate, have a great effect on sexual problems like male impotence, rapid ejaculation, penile, slower expansion, prostatitis, and so on.

Attentions: Younger persons must use carefully


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