Spanish golden fly women enhancement

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Spanish golden fly women enhancement is made of strong estrts induction factor”HS”extrace taken form top-class estrus animals and plants in many countries with the most advanced world biosynthesis 6thchnology after many years of research in american sex research institute,it is magic potion without any color or smell ,and is quickly absorbed in any wine or drinks without deeply,and cant help making love.


1. stir up women sexual desire;
2. prolong female sexual time;
3. make them full of passion;
4. solve their sexual dysfunction.

Usage and dosage: Orally take one piece each time,without color or tadte, quickly absorbed in any wine or drinks.

Specification: 12bottles/box.

Do not take it unless in sexual intercourse and children are not.allowed to use it ,only one piece is taken each time it is not allowed to use it for inducing girls.

Storage: Keep it in shade and dry environment.

Period of vlidity: 3 Years.


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