Golden Root Complex herbal sexual enhancer

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Golden Root Complex herbal sexual enhancer stands out than other products, merely beacause it works! Golden Root Complex was initially developed close to 10 years old and it is the best of the natural preparations meant to fight erection dysfunction and also lack of sexual desire. Enjoy the sexual satisfaction and self confidence that will now be accomplished by taking one capsule a few mintues before intercourse.


1. Increase sexual desire

2. Highly effective & long-lasting erection strength

3. Enhance ejaculation

4. Increase genital sensitivity

5. Help combat early ejaculation

6. Increase erections

7. Greater erotic vigor

Usage and dosage: Acquire 1 capsule 10 mins ahead of sexual intercourse with warm water, can even be mixed in drinks.

Specification: 300mg * 10 capsules.


If you suffer a condition as well as are taking medicine you should confer with your physician before taking it. Keep it in a cool, and dry location. Usually do not exceed 300mg daily.


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