Golden Color Beginning male enhancer

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Golden Color Beginning male enhancer is an all natural herbal male sexual enhancement products. This product with a unique herbal formula can fully repair the sexual organ damage and effectively reduces the sensitivity of the penis and strengthen erection strength thus to help you overcome the different kinds of sexual dysfunction. Golden Color Beginning is a Chinese herbal medicine for the human body have no side effects, no dependence, and is suitable for long term usage.


1. stir up male libido;
2. delay sexual intercourse time;
3. bring multi ejaculation;
4. overcome sexual dysfunction. .

Use and growth: Take one capsule 10 minutes before sexual activity.

Specification: 2700mg * 8grains/box.

Self-life: 5 years.


1. Hypertension, heart disease, diabetes may also take
2. Has no side effectt
3. Drinking alcohol do not affect its effect


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