Zhonghua niubian male health supplement

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While most of the erotic dysfunction will be a problem for aging adult men, possessing lovemaking issues is just not a thing that most men want to cope with. Zhonghua niubian male health supplement features a outstanding and lasting impact on hormone secretion activity, stimulate kidney function, enhances body’s immunity and increases semen oruduction. After investing in this capsule, men can get frequent erection, and this remedies also makes penis bigger and thinker. Zhonghua niubian prolong coition time over 75 minutes. The effect go on for 120 hours.


Managing men’s health and improving the life quality

Providing pleasure and get rid of your tiredness

Sending nutrition to kidney system

Effect lasts as long as 120 hours

Usage and dosage: 1 capsule per time prior to sleep, or 20-30 mins ahead of intercourse. Take i capsule every 3 days for dietary supplement.

Specification: 2000mg*6 pcs/package.


1. Do not take other medicine within 24 hours after taking this pill.

2. Minors taking this supplement will be strictly banned.

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